The Lalou Designs Autumn 16 Collection

Over the past few weeks I have been working on a new collection of fabric pendants and earrings for the autumn months. It is the first full, cohesive collection I have created since I began making fabric jewellery pieces as usually I like to create pieces from whatever beautiful textiles I come across on my travels rather than plan ahead to make a collection. After a long time scouring the net to find fabric that I thought would work well, I came across a beautiful cotton range from Irene and Lewis.

Although the fabric has more of a spring time feel to it rather than Autumn,with the mild weather we are having, I felt that it would still work well with clothing and outfits during the next few months. And who says, just because it is Autumn, means you have to wear Autumn colours!

As well as creating floral and organic designs, I have recently been a fan of using birds in my designs. This Irene and Lewis collection features very cute birds on a number of their fabrics and this is probably what drew me to the fabric to start with.

To compliment the pendants in the collection, I have also created a number of spring back earrings. These can be worn as a set with a pendant or on their own but either way they will be a gorgeous addition to any outfit.

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Back from a break with new Fabric Earrings


It’s been quite some time since my last post as the last few months have been a bit all over the place and Lalou Designs has unfortunately taken a back seat. Starting with bad news, I unfortunately lost a good friend to Cancer and this took a lot out of me emotionally,  meaning I wasn’t really in the frame of mind for jewellery making. My friend, Rich, was always very supportive of Lalou Designs and was very positive about my business which spurs me on now to keep motivated and build my business. Secondly, good news; I put an offer on my very first flat which was accepted! I am currently going through the buying process and again, with all the paperwork, this meant Lalou Designs was not my first priority. Things are going pretty smoothly with the buy and hopefully (fingers crossed) I should be exchanging soon!

After some time out, I did a little reset in my mind and was ready to get back into jewellery making. My large fabric pendants are one of my favourite things to make as I just love all the different patterns and colours you can find within textiles. These fabrics give me a world of patterns to work with and I especially love finding new fabrics in places that I visit on mini breaks or day trips around the UK. So far, I have only made fabric pendants so I thought it was about time I extended the range and decided to make some fabric earrings.

Fabric floral earrings

Grey Cotton Earrings

I have always been a fan of ‘dangly’ earrings and this encouraged me to make some hoop style earrings with a small fabric button style drop to the earring. When I was on holiday in Cyprus, for my sister and brother in law’s wedding, I bought some spring back earrings which I absolutely adore. The spring back earring finding is so easy and comfortable to wear that I knew I wanted this type of earring for my collection. So far, I have only created a handful of designs but I am currently on the look out for new fabrics to create more so keep a look out.

China blue fabric earrings

Blue and White Floral Earrings

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