New Fabrics and Pendant Designs

Last month I took a trip to Swansea with my best friend Felicity and one of the first things I did was search out the fabric shops so that I could buy a little more craft cotton to make some new fabric pendant designs. The first shop I came across was Lee Mills Fabrics in Swansea town centre which had a huge array of cotton fabrics (too many to look at properly to be honest) and the second was a gorgeous little quilting shop in the Mumbles, Red House Quilting.

Fabrics from Swansea

Fabrics from Lee Mill Fabrics in Swansea and Red House Quilting in Mumbles

I love to find new fabrics wherever I go, to make new fabric necklaces. Swansea had a lot to choose from but my favourite purchase was the flying birds design as it was very apt after taking a trip to the seaside that day.

Flying Birds Pendants

Flying Birds Necklaces

Daisy Pendants

Daisy Pendants perfect for summer

All of my new designs can be found in my Etsy store or for sale in Gifts For Me and You in Thingwall, Wirral.


Inspired by Disney

Walt Disney World

Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World

Since as far back as I can remember I have always been a huge Disney fan and at times it seems like I have a slight addiction to Disney; especially Walt Disney World, having visited it 7 times! I was lucky to grow up in the Disney Renaissance period when they were making some of their most successful movies including Aladdin, The Lion King, Beauty and The Beast and of course, my favourite, The Little Mermaid. Disney were at their creative peak in the 90’s, when I was a child, and I think this is probably why I fell in love with their films, songs and characters and am still influenced by them today.

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse

When I turned 16 and was old enough to get my first Saturday job I remember telling my Mum, ‘I am only going to work if I can work at Disney’ and that’s exactly what I did! I got my first weekend job as a Cast Member in The Disney Store in Cheltenham which unfortunately like so many other stores has now closed. I had some great times working at The Disney Store with some of the best people and I think this added to my love of Disney; even if we did have to listen to the same laser disc of songs on a constant repeat!

Main Street

Dancers in Main Street USA

My favourite place in the world has to be World Disney World in Florida. It may sound silly but as soon as I hit Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom I feel like I am at home. Disney World (and Disneyland Paris) has so many great memories for me from holidays I have spent there with both family and friends and it will always have a special part in my heart. (Grab the sentimental sick bucket now!)

Enchanted Rose Necklace

Beauty and the Beast inspired necklace by Lalou Designs

When creating jewellery I am often inspired by Disney films and characters and I love to make jewellery that has a feel of Disney magic without having the Disney logos and artwork emblazoned on it. I try to create pieces, such as my Enchanted Rose Necklace that can portray the essence of the film/character it is inspired by; in this case Belle from Beauty and the Beast but can equally simply seem like a gorgeous piece of jewellery for those who are not particularly Disney fans.

Princess Key Necklace

Snow White Key Necklace by Lalou Designs

A big trend at the Disney parks is something called ‘DisneyBounding’ where fans dress up as contemporary versions of their favourite characters. This idea was created by fashionista Leslie Kay with her popular tumblr, ‘DisneyBound’ which has mood boards of fashion that can be worn to make you look like your Disney alias. My Disney inspired jewellery is perfect for this idea as it contemporary and just has that hint of Disney magic. My princess key necklaces would look stunning as part of a ‘DisneyBound’ outfit and I am hoping to create more jewellery in the future to fit in with this theme.

Have any of you done any DisneyBounding?

Ariel DisneyBound

Ariel DisneyBound courtesy of